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  • GTBZ22S
  • GTBZ22S
Telescopic Boom

1. Chassis part

Main configuration: Four-wheel drive, two-wheel steering, axle balance, and foam perfusion tires.

(1) Maximum running speed 6km/h;

(2) Maximum climbing rate of 45% - the highest level in the industry;

(3) Axle balance system - substantially increase the ability of vehicles through the rugged road;

(4) Select built-in reducer of motor and reducer integrated, with two speed of fast speed and low speed to meet the driving requirements of vehicle in different environments. In the ramp, the travelling mechanism is equipped with self-braking function, while setting the clutch device, to facilitate the drag in the event of failure.

2. The cantilever crane part

(1) Single telescopic cylinder + rope three telescopic arms;

(2) Cantilever crane material - high strength steel welding, light weight and high safety;

(3) Single cylinder driven column + cantilever crane is synchronously lap lifting to improve the construction efficiency;

(3) Strength stiffness matching - guaranteed superior strength and rigidity of cantilever crane.

3. Turntable part

(1) 360 degrees continuous rotation, two transport lock pin is installed in hole bit;

(2) Power system - Perkins / Deutz engine, optimize the matching vibration and cooling system;

(3) Rotary engine tray - By removing the locking bolts, the engine can be screwed out for easy access to the engine and accessories for repair and maintenance;

4. Platform part:

(1) 2.4 m × 0.9 m large working platform;

(2) 180 ° platform rotation;

(3) Load capacity of 340kg;

(4) Automatic leveling system of electro - hydraulic proportion, real - time monitoring platform angle, dynamic leveling.

5. Hydraulic system

(1) Hydraulic components - hydraulic pumps, the main valve and other major components adopts internationally renowned brands;

(2) Closed pump + variable pump form - closed pump control the get off, variable pump control except the walking outside the vehicle hydraulic system, driven by the engine directly to provide power for the hydraulic system;

(3) And with emergency power unit - ensure that during the engine or pump failure, it can recover the cantilever crane to the driving state.

(4) On the hydraulic system for the variable pump constant pressure system - the main action using electro-hydraulic proportional control technology can be achieved on the car rotation, boom amplitude, boom stretching and working platform swing and other functions, the main valve for the cartridge valve, and vehicle system with hydraulic oil radiator.

(5) Get off for the closed variable system - 4 × 4 drive type, walking is divided into two grades. Get off hydraulic system can also achieve axle balance, steering and other functions.

6. Electrical system

(1) PLC control technology - turntable, platform, and a controller. Turntable and platform were set up control box to achieve the chassis, turntable, and boom and platform control.

(2) Main control - preheating, starting, quenching and speed control of the engine; Engine oil pressure, water temperature, detection and alarm; Chassis steering and driving control; Turntable rotation, boom amplitude and telescopic control; Rotation control of the platform; The detection of the platform's load; Platform leveling.

(3) Multi - item safety protection measures - engine condition monitoring and start - up protection device; Body tilt alarm device; Overload alarm device; Wire rope monitoring, etc., to achieve all-round security protection.

GTBZ22S main component configuration

Name Name Quantity Remarks
Engine 1 Perkins / Deutz
Walking decelerator 4 OMNI
Walking motor 4 DAFOSS
Closed pump 1 REXROTH
Power unit 1 HYDRO-TEK
Platform valve group 1 Santa / holy state
Rotary table valve group 1
Valve group of walking control 1
Swinging cylinder 1 HELAC
10  Crank arm cylinder 1 Chengdu cylinder hydraulic equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. / Xuzhou Xugong Hydraulic Parts Co., Ltd.
11  Leveling the cylinder 1
12  Derricking cylinder 1
13  Telescopic cylinder 1
14  Steering cylinder 2
15  Balance cylinder 2
16  Hydraulic oil radiator 1 Silver wheel
17  Controller 2 Hirschmann
18  Rotary table tilt angel sensor 1  Shanghai Parker Hannifin
19  Platform tilt angel sensor 1 Xuzhou Yuwei
20  Load Cell 1
21  Handle 2 DAFOSS
22  Pedal switch 1 SUNS
23  Slewing bearing 1 Ma On Shan Fanyuan
24  Rotary speed reducer 1 Xuzhou Keyuan
25  Rotary motor 1 Ningbo Zhongyi
26  Tyre 4 Laizhou Exmile

Working range chart of vehicle safety

GTBZ22S aerial work platform safe working range diagram

Dimension drawing of vehicle running state

Complete vehicle driving state diagram

Project Unit Parameters
a Overall length of complete machine mm 10150
b Overall width of complete machine mm 2490
c Overall height of complete machine mm 2800
d  Wheelbase mm 2500
Maximum working altitude m 23.7
Maximum platform height  m 22
Maximum working range m 18.3
Maximum bearing weight kg 230 (unlimited) / 340 (limited)
Boom range ° -5~+75
Rotation angle of rotary table ° 360
Maximum tail pendulum mm 1550
Size of platform mm 2400×900
Rotation angle of platform ° 180
Total weight kg 12500
Maximum running speed km/h 6
Minimum turning radius m 6
Minimum ground clearance mm 230
Maximum grade ability % 45
Tire specification - 355/55D625
Engine model - Perkins 404D-22T/Deutz D2011 L04i
Rated power of engine kW/(r/min) 43/(2600)