XCMG 1200-tonnage All-terrain Crane Made a Hit in Its Test

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No. 4 of Serial Reports on 1000-tonnage Cranes: The Largest All-terrain Crane Manufactured by XCMG Completed Its Testing in a Typical Operating Condition

[The most expensive hoisting experiment in China]
The successful hoisting was not a chance occurrence but a result of careful design and planning on the part of XCMG technical team. More than 10,000 experiments over the past year, in the eye of the technical team, achieved more than the technical requirements. They knew that the weights could never be compared with the valuable equipment hoisted for their clients. A unanimous decision was reached after discussions with XCMG leadership that the 1200-tonnage crane would be tested by lifting a QY160K, which is worth 8 million Yuan. Only by such a lifting could the super hoisting performance of the crane be verified and the sincerity of XCMG to their users be shown in full.

The 1200-tonnage Crane in Working Position

[The Tower-type Operating Mode of XCMG 1200-tonnage All-terrain Crane]
After a week of calculations and confirmation of the distance for the hanging point and fulcrum, the technical team finally determined the tower-type operating mode: 63 meters main arm + 36 meters tower booms + super lifting jibs, an operating mode that was technologically demanding. As introduced by the director of XCMG Heavy-duty Technology Center, such operating mode, though seemingly unable to lift weights up too high, is a limit operating mode that allows a hoisting of 70-tonnage weights in 40-meter breadth up to the height of 80 meters. It is also an operating mode commonly used in China to lift 2.0-2.5 megawatt wind turbines. The tower boom technology of XCMG has passed the industrial appraisals and turned out to be able to hoist the same weights much higher and further as compared with other cranes. It even has a satisfactory performance as compared with Liebherr cranes.


The tower-type operating mode of QAY 1200: 63 meters main arm + 36 meters tower booms

[Super inching and stationary]

An array of XCMG cranes has shown perfect performance. The hoisting performance of the QAY800 was brought into full play in a Qingdao wind farm. It hoisted a nacelle of 65 tons to the height of 86 meters for 35 minutes, even in a near gale, with its average amplitude of swing being only 5.5mm/s. In order to test the 1000-tonnage crane, a cup full of water was placed on the body of QY160K and a deposit place almost the same in shape as the chassis of QY160K was designated to test the stationary and inching property of the 1200-tonnage crane.
At noon of Jan 12th 2012 the challenge was formally staged. As the lifting altitude increased, nervous expression was gradually found on the faces until the measuring scale hanging down from QY160K registered 80 meters.
The operator, however, could not relax himself and take a rest, still fully occupied in working on the remote control panel. As the huge jibs moved 45 degrees, the 160-tonned auto crane began to hoist down slowly, and finally the load was deposited onto the designated position by the 1200-tonnage crane at 2:30 pm, with no water in the cup spilled. The site was thrown into complete silence and then a burst of prolonged applause…

QY160K Being Hoisted 1

QY160K Being Hoisted 2

QY160K Being Hoisted 3

[Crabsidling to enable quick and accurate positioning]
The surprised look of people on the site excited the operator, who decided to show the crabsidling move of the 1200-tonnage crane. As instructed, the crane began to show its crabsidling capability like a soldier on the battlefield. Absolute free from being clumsy, the crane moved left and right, or took an S-shape course, or just sidled like a crab so flexibly that the people on the site were totally amazed.

Crabsidling with load

Running with load (1)

Running with load (2)

A New Star of XCMG Is Cutting a Figure
The testing was successfully completed, leaving XCMG staff fully satisfied with the perfect performance of QAY 1200. It turns out that the 1200-tonnage all-terrain crane is a trustworthy product.